Only in Davao City. The fascinating EDEN Park and GAP Farm

Based on the schedule, we have 2 excursions. On January 20th was our first excursion. Accompanied by our three best buddies and our beloved Ma’am Pregua, we went to EDEN Nature Park and Resort Davao. EDEN Park had a very exciting beginning. We started our tour with shuttle tour. We also have a tour guide inside the shuttle tour car. During the tour, we stopped in some iconic areas of EDEN Park. Our first stop was Amphitheater & Flower Garden. In this spot, we were delighted in the colorful sights and smell of the flowers and enjoyed the excellent view of Davao City.

Our second stop was Tinubdan. In here, we experienced a cultural journey into the “Heartland of Indigenous Wisdom”. It is an outdoor museum and cultural park featuring an educational tour for everyone to appreciate the indigenous cultural heritage of Mindanao

Our next stop was Lola’s Garden, cooly situated in one of the park’s most panoramic view of Davao City.

While waiting for the lunch time, we enjoyed the view of EDEN Park and rode Indiana Jones. It was an exciting experience!

Our Next stop was GAP Farm where the land of promise is located. Far from the hustle bustle of the city, yet fascinating. That is how I can call how beautiful GAP Farm is. The huge concrete letters lying on the trimmed grass on a sloping hill at the entrance announcing “The Land of Promise” never fails to make us said “WOW”

Inside the Philippine Gap Farm Vacation resort are animal statues we can ride on and have our pictures taken, statues of heroes, busts of former presidents, statues of tribal persons with their costumes, cave area with a smiling Cyclops statue model welcomes us, a memorial to Lt. Hiroo Onoda, Japanese Struggler, and a number of other people. About the Cyclops—well, word is that skulls with single eye sockets were identified within the region.
 There is also Philippine mystic spirit creatures dubbed as “Conferencia ng mga Multo” or Ghosts’ Conference. On the entrance, guests are greeted by statues of well-liked Philippine ghosts and monsters like the white lady, “tikbalang” (half man-half horse)“kapre” (smoking giant), amongst others. As to why these hobgoblins and gremlins must consist of features in the Philippine Hole Farm Resort remains a mystery.


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