Summary and Suggestions

Purposes of practicum

Joining this practicum help me in many ways especially in improving both my English and teaching skills. I had many expectations from this practicum before I experienced it. After finishing my practicum, I can really feel the effect of this program, which really meets my needs to become a well-prepared teacher.

Procedures of practicum

After arriving in the campus, I was welcomed and we had an opening ceremony with Dr. Sonia . Morales (External Relation and Internationalization Officer), Dr. Jo-Ann Y. Solomon (Dean, Education Program and Institutional Quality Assurance Officer), S. Ma. Merlita B. Sabate, RVM (Basic Education Department Principal), DR. Nida Matutino (K-10 Academic Coordinator)

and lecturers. Opening meeting also include in this activity, where we discussed the importance of teachers’ techniques and things that we need to do during the program. There are several things that we discussed in this opening meeting. They are :

  1. The schedule during the program
  2. School’s schedule
  3. School’s rules and regulation
  4. Meeting with the cooperating teachers

Outcomes of practicum

After joining this practicum, I improve my teaching skills and methods in managing the classroom. I also learn how to manage the class with the limitation of time. Not limited to that, I learned about new culture and learn how to adapt with new surroundings.

The challenges of practicum

When I taught the students in the classroom, I faced some challenges, such as

First, different from the students in my country, most of the students in here are fluent in speaking English. Therefore, I need to always practice my English and enrich my vocabulary.

Second, some of the students are very shy to speak in the classroom at first. I encounter it by asking them questions while in the process of learning.  

Last but not least, there are some students who are very noisy and stubborn. I discipline them by pointing at them when I ask question. I also walk during the discussion, and not only staying in front of the class. Therefore the students will keep quiet during the class.

Overall impression

After finishing my teaching practicum, I felt so happy and sad at the same time, because I need to end my great teaching experience in UIC. I hope all the materials that I delivered will be beneficial for the students and I hope the students enjoyed their learning process when I handled the class.

Suggestions for future improvement

I have no many suggestions both for the improvement of the program and the school, as the program is well-managed and the school has a very good way in facilitating the students mentally, physically and spiritually.


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