Teaching Plan


In this case, UIC uses the K-12 curriculum, and based on my observation on my cooperating teacher, she makes the learning plan based on the scope and sequence that they have made before. Moreover, there are some elements in the lesson plan that is added in this school. For example “Integration” part in the lesson plan. It functions to make the students always relate their topic of learning to their surroundings and also to their religion.

Teaching Plan (related to my major)


Basic Education Department

Junior High School

Bajada, Davao City


Subject Area/Level:    English – 8                  

Date: 21st January 2019            

Week No.:

Unit Topic:                                                     

Quarter No.: Fourth                   

 Lesson No.:

Transfer Goal: Students in the long run and on their own will be able to compose and deliver a brief and creative entertainment speech to appreciate how people use nature as an inspiration

Essential Understanding: It enables the students to be aware on the types of adjectives and leads in creating a good communication with others.

Essential Question: How will the types of adjectives help us in communicating with others?


Review: What was our lesson last meeting?

Focus: Types of Adjectives

Motivation: The teacher will show some pictures, and the students will observe. The student will be asked:

  1. What do you see in the pictures?
  2. What does it look like?

APK: What adjectives do you usually use in your daily live?


A. Presentation of Concept

The students will know the types of adjectives.

The students will be able to use adjectives based on its proper type and recognize the importance of adjectives in the daily life.

EQ:How will the types of adjectives help us in communicating with others?

Collaborative Activities:

The class will be divided into four groups. Each group shall be given 10 minutes to prepare and three minutes to present. The selected participants are asked to present their outputs in front of the class. A rubric shall be given in rating their performance.

  • (Interpersonal) Speak Up! – Please explain the differences between each type of adjectives along with the example.
  • (Visual-Spatial) Draw it! – Draw a picture that illustrates each type of adjectives.
  • (Auditory-Musical) Do Re Mi! – Make an upbeat song from your understanding of the types of adjectives.
  • (Physical-Kinesthetic) Act-It-Out! – Act out an example of each type of adjectives.


B. Broadening of Concept

Guide Questions: 1. What is adjective?

2. What are the types of adjectives?

EQ: How will the types of adjectives help us in communicating with others?

C. Integration

1. Ignacian Core/ Related Values:   Discipline – How will you use discipline in using the types of adjectives?

2. Social Orientation:                       How will the types of adjectives help you in building good communication to others?

3. Lesson Across Discipline:          How will you use adjective in the process of learning? (Science)

4. Biblical Reflection:                       Whoever heeds discipline shows the way to life, but whoever ignores correction leads others astray

                                                                                                – Proverbs 10 : 17


Identify the adjectives in the following sentences and state their type.


            Let’s try!


  • I have learned that __________________________.
  • I realized that _____________________________.
  • I will start to ______________________________.


Please find the passage in your book with the title of “The Happy Mirror” (Japanese Folktale), and write all the adjectives that is included in the passage, along with the types!


Instructional Materials/Visual Aids:           Textbook, Video, Laptop, LED

Prepared by:                                                                          Checked by:

Rismayani                                                       Ms. Gladys Michelle J. Lumantas

Pre-Service Teacher                                                              Cooperating Teacher

Remarks on the Status of Implementation



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