Living our life to the fullest! Samal Island hopping

January 26th was the highlight of our excursion, because we got the chance to visit Samal Island, the most recommended place to visit when you go to Davao City, Philippines, because the island’s nature is still kept. On that day, we did the island hopping. A full day Samal Island hopping activity let us to visit Angel’s Cove, Babu Santa, Isla Reta Beach Resort, a pass by Pearl Farm Beach Resort and Wishing Island, and optional stop at Maxima Aqua Fun. We got to see a beautiful coral under the sea with clean water, and beautiful sights throughout the islands.

Together with Ma’am Pregua, Ma’am Ferie, our beloved buddies, CJJ (Cath a.k.a CY, Jasmine and Jason), the four of us did the Island hopping. Another surprise happened when we were on our way back to Magsaysay. We got to see dolphins in Talikud Island. Such a great memory and experience. THANK YOU SEAMEO, THANK YOU UIC!


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