Teaching Practice

Procedures of Teaching

There are several procedures that I need to do inside of the classroom when the teaching and learning process begins.

First, after entering the class, I ask the students to stand up to pray, and ask the prayer leader to lead the prayer. After the prayer, I greet them and ask them to be prepared for the learning process.

Second, before discussing my material, I ask the student about the lesson in the previous meeting as the form of review.

Third, I started the discussion by giving motivation in the form of pictures or video, and I ask some questions to make the student guess the topic of the lesson and to activate their prior knowledge about the topic.

Fourth, I show the learning objectives and guide questions to the students. The guide questions will be asked at the end of the discussion, therefore the students need to pay attention on the materials. The function of this is to make the students always remember the guide questions throughout the discussion, because the guide questions are the main points in the discussion.

Fifth, after delivering my materials, I divide the students into four groups to do the collaborative activities.

Sixth, after having the presentation of each group, I ask the guide questions, and the points will be given to the students who can answer the questions.

Seventh, I deliver the integration in the form of questions. This part functions to make the students can relate to their religion and environment while studying the materials.

Eighth, I give quiz related to the materials. This quiz should be done individually. After that, I ask the students to sum up the materials that they have learned. At the end of the class, I give assignment.

Lastly, I ask the students to stand up and pray, and I greet them a goodbye.

In the middle of the discussion, I will ask the students whether they understand or not like “Do you understand?” “Is that clear?” “Am I understood?” and I also ask the students if they have questions or clarification like “Is there any questions or clarifications so far?” I also always appreciate the students’ answers by saying “Very good! Thank you” or “excellent!”

Time Management and Organizing Activities

At first, I found it really hard to manage the time, because I need to finish all elements of the discussion in sixty minutes. But, after my first teaching practice, my cooperating teacher kindly gave me suggestions in handling the class especially in managing the time.

She suggested me to move fast from one part to another. However, we also need to make sure that the students understand the materials. Moreover, we need to know the students’ ability in each class, so that we can adjust it in the learning process.


In solving the problem that I had, I searched some related studies or techniques that I can possibly used while teaching and learning process in the internet. I also actively asked to my cooperating teacher about the method, materials, and class management to my cooperating teacher. Fortunately, she always give me the exact solution towards my problems.

Classroom Management

In managing the classroom and handling the students, I always make sure that the students are quiet and ready to receive the materials, like ask them to sit in their proper seats and sit properly. The same actions also applied in the middle of the learning process. During the discussion, I ask questions to the students to ensure that they have understood the material. . During the preparation of group activity, I also move from one group to another to make sure that all of the group members participate actively.


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